Rice pudding

Arròs amb llet amb la varietat d’;Rice Marsh of our Rice.


  • 200 g d’;Rice Marsh of our Rice.
  • 1 l milk
  • 200 g sugar
  • 1 lemon peel
  • 1 Cannon cinnamon
  • cinnamon


Poseu l’;arròsvarietat marsh of our rice in cold water and allow it to heat until the boil, then drain it.

In another saucepan, put milk, lemon peel, a piece of cannon cinnamon and sugar. Stir and wait until it begins to boil.

Tireu-hi l’;Rice marsh of our rice and cook, for 22 O 24 minutes and simmer.

Finish the dish and present 2 ways. Put it into two bowls and leave to cool in the refrigerator. Remeneu enèrgicament el d’;un bol per tal d’;accelerate cooling.

La primera presentació consisteix a espolsar una mica de canyella en pols pel damunt de l’;Rice. Io to present the second way, agafeu l’;arròs que s’;is cooled quickly, fill their small circular molds, i acompanyeu-lo amb un tros de pela de llimona i amb una mica d’;cinnamon foam.

For this foam, put cream and cinnamon to a boil, refredeu-la to the refrigerator during 24 hours, and mount it as a normal cream. Espolseu una mica de sucre sobre l’;Rice, and burn it with the burner.

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