Bomba Rice

Variety of grain japónica, d 'pearly. Its grain is round and short, d’uns 5mm de longitud i 2,10 d’ample. It is considered, by experts, as a special culinary quality due to its chemical composition that keeps the perfect ratio of amylose and amylopectin, allowing rice remains whole and loose.
These features make bomba rice is especially suitable for the Mediterranean.

In the first place, for its high resistance to stopping up, avoider 's open during cooking. Second, by the intense flavor that is capable of storing in his big, thanks to huge absorption liquid that has.
Finally, the regularity of its large size has maintained a pleasant feeling to the eye and the palate.

Therefore, rice pump is especially appreciated and considered the most suitable for the preparation of dishes of Mediterranean cuisine such as paella.

Because of its size to increase 4 sometimes cooking, will need to cook it a little more broth, 3 parts and half broth 1 Rice. The cooking time is slightly longer (20 minutes).

Ideal for dry rice, as paellas, arroz a banda, black rice i arrossejat.

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Curiosity: Did you know the pump range is a variety that has less production and higher risk for arrossaire, here that is one of the most expensive varieties.

Example: If one produces rice 20 bags to wage conventional variety with the pump is half.

The pump is a variety that has not passed since the heart tough, but if you watch it long cooking time is passed.