Rice Vegetables

With vegetable rice variety Marsh of our Rice


• 300 grams of rice Marsh of our Rice

• 1 l vegetable broth

• 1 medium onion

• 1 green pepper

• ½ red pepper

• 1 carrot

• 1 small zucchini

• 1 small eggplant

• 100 grams of broccoli

• 1 gra d’all

• 2 tablespoons ketchup

• oli d’oliva

• will

• pepper


Pela i talla la ceba i l’all a daus petits. Book it. Clean the remaining vegetables and cut them into cubes bigger. Reserva them per separat. In a saucepan 100 ml of hot oil, chokes onion without reaching brown. When half cooked, adds- There red pepper, green, carrots and broccoli. And also Ofega'ls, When the sauce is almost ready, Add the zucchini and eggplant; salpebra-I to gust. At the moment lightly cooked, Add garlic and tomato sauce. After, incorporating Rice variety marsh and the hot broth. Cook preparing fifteen minutes. Let it rest a few minutes before dishing it.