Rice sweet shrimp

Sweet shrimp on rice variety Carnaroli.


• 400 g rice Carnaroli of our Rice

• 50 g de xalota

• 75 g d’oli verge extra

• 100 g de vi blanc

• 1,5 the chicken broth

• 12 Fresh prawns

• Salt and pepper

• To make the buttermilk Parmesan:

• 250 g grated Parmesan Reggiano

• 175 g de nata

• 125 g of whole milk

• To reduce:

• 100 g de Pedro Ximénes


To make Parmesan cheese whey, Boil the milk with the cream, add the grated parmesan and cook over low heat until melted. After, Pass it through a sieve and set aside Chinese.

Next, small fry the chopped shallots, without take color, with a little oil. When soft, add the rice and let it do something slightly transparent. Next, salt and pepper it and wet it with wine, let it evaporate, wet it with hot chicken broth and cook about 17 minutes stirring it as necessary to prevent sticking.

Meanwhile, Pedro Ximenes please reduce the fire in a saucepan until it has the texture of candy. After, pass it in a bottle and put it, until serving time.

Next, When the rice is almost cooked, add the Parmesan cream, stir well, for a last minute, for rice and creamy taste of the cheese and take it correct for salt if necessary.

Finally, Peel the prawns, open them lengthwise, per la part ampla, with the help of a knife-edge thin, remove the intestines, salad and let them cook them lightly grilled with a few drops of oil.

I ja per acabar, Serve in a bowl rice variety Carnaroli shaped mountain, draw the outline with candy Pedro Ximenes and put them on shrimp.