Rice Band

Rice band with Bomb variety of our Rice.


• Per a 4 people:

• 400gr The pump Our Rice Rice

• 1 Kg of fish varied (small fish) for broth. Alternatively 1Litre fish stock (the weight of rice x 2,5 Broth)

• 1 Onion

• 2 Bay leaves

• Sepia

• Shrimp

• saffron or coloring

• paprika

• 1 gra d’;all

• Fried Tomato

• oli d’;oliva

• Water

• will


Picar o tallar a rodanxes molt fines l’;all. Then clean the cuttlefish and cut into cubes.

Then prepare the broth, boiling fish with bay leaves, onion and salt (després s’;use only the broth without fish) o s’;uses broth prepared supermarket.

Es fregeix durant molt poc temps la sípia i les gambes en una paella amb una mica d’;was.

Es important no fregir la sípia massa temps perquè després de coure l’;Rice are not too hard pieces of cuttlefish.

Després s’;afegeix l’;garlic and a bit of tomato sauce.

Després de fregir-lo durant aproximadament tres minuts s’;afegeix l’;bomba rice of the variety of our Rice, fish stock already hot (cobrint l’;Rice) and some saffron or coloring to give it a golden color. Es deixa coure l’;Rice aside during 18 minutes.

Finally, un cop estigui fet l’;Rice, you remove the pan from the heat and let stand for five minutes.

Es pot servir acompanyat amb una mica d’;aioli.


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